Combat Matchfixing
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ESSA response: Spanish Sports Betting

Combat Matchfixing

Combat Matchfixing

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ESSA 2018 Annual Integrity Report


External Studies

EU Publications 

    • Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions Read more
    • Expert Group “Match Fixing” -Report from the 1st meeting (29 September 2014) Read more
    • Council of Europe  - “The Need to Combat Match-Fixing”  Read more
    • Council of Europe  - “Good Governance and Ethics in Sport”  Read more
    • Cyprus Presidency’s  joint declaration on match-fixing  Read more
    • EU Parliament’s resolution on match-fixing and corruption in sports  Read more
    • European Commission Green Paper on on-line gambling Read more
    • Resolution on online gambling in the internal market (Creutzmann report) Read more
    • Communication on online gambling  Read more

Other Stakeholder Publications

    • Ben Van Rompuy- The role of the betting industry Read more
    • The odds of match- fixing: facts and figures on the integrity risk of certain sports bets (Asser Institute) Read more
    • Study on risk assessment and management and prevention of conflicts of interest in the prevention and fight against betting-related match fixing in the EU 28 (Asser Institute) Read more
    • Study on the sharing of information and reporting of suspicious sports betting activity in the EU 28 (Oxford Institute) Read more
    • Study on sports organisers’ rights in the European Union (Asser Institute)  Read more
    • KEA European Affairs - Match Fixing: A mapping of criminal law provisions in EU 27   Read more
    • Coventry University – The prevalence of corruption in international sport   Read more
    • Remarks by Ronald K. Noble, Interpol Secretary General, on illegal sports betting Read more
    • Oxford Research Study on threats to the integrity of sport Read more
    • Report of the sports betting integrity panel  Read more
    • EU Athletes code of conduct   Read more
    • Gambling Commission in-play betting position paper Read more
    • Remote Gambling Association – Sport betting, legal, commercial, and integrity issues  Read more

Money Laundering Publications 

    • MHA study on money laundering Read more
    • FATF global money laundering & terrorist financing threat assessment Read more
    • Michael Levi (Cardiff University)-money laundering and e-gaming Read more
    • COE Moneyval – The use of online gambling for money laundering Read more